Prior to considering wound therapy, a care provider will need to look for dead or dying tissue. Necrosis happens when cells and tissue die prematurely. Necrotic tissue does not direct the same chemical signals to the immune system as ordinary cells, so the body doesn’t know how to take care of these cells itself. Medical treatment is typically needed to remove this dead tissue. This is very common in a variety of wounds.

It is imperative to remove the necrotic tissue so that the healing process may begin. Removal of the dead tissue requires the provider to use a surgical method known as debridement. This exposes the healthy tissue below. Once it has debrided, the wound should be moistened and cleansed to get rid of any bacteria that could hamper the healing process. Visit the wound vac area of our website.

Negative pressure therapy has been around since the early 1900s. Originally, it was implemented via open suction applied to wounds. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that researchers began developing the closed suction methodology we know today. Many studies found that this treatment method reduced bacterial growth around the wound and minimized the chances of infection.

These first studies were based on surgically implanted or enclosure type systems. It wasn’t until Dr. Chariker and Dr. Jeter’s studies that the traditional dressing based systems were developed. Their dressing based system was a pre-cursor to the negative pressure therapy system that is used today.

In the 1990s, a very comprehensive NPWT study was published by two researchers from Wake Forest University. This study included the use of a foam type system for NPWT. This study showed that NPWT affects areas of wound healing beyond bacterial growth and minimizing infection. NPWT can have a positive effect on many aspects of wound vac healing including blood flow and getting nutrients to the healing area.

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