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8/15/2011 – Home Care Customer

Hi Scott,

The phrase: “No good deed goes unpunished.” has crossed my mind on many occasions this past week, perhaps you understand the sentiment? I can only imagine the guff you must be getting for your decision to help me and I am so sorry for putting you through this, but not sorry enough to stop.

KCI seems to have brainwashed the entire Kaiser Permanente, my fathers’ insurance, medical profession and likely everyone else.  When I informed everyone from my fathers’ physician to the nurse to the nursing home dischargers, that I had bought a wound vac for my father, I made absolutely sure to explain that it was not a KCI but a model made by Medela, the same manufacturer that makes breast pumps and other suction devices. I can only assume that they did not bother to listen. The home nurse who saw it, listened to my explanation, I thought, and then just told me since she had not been trained on that model, she would need an inservice before she could use it and that she would call the company and ask for one. I thought that was reasonable. For some unknown reason, she called KCI. She got hold of some service rep and by the time she understood that Blue Sky was not a KCI machine, she was furious with the service rep she spoke with and  the company in general. She did not actually say it but she implied the rep ridiculed and belittled her and us for even inquiring/daring to use the Blue Sky.

The next day, I get a call from a sales rep from KCI, I presume that it was the same one that our nurse talked to. When I explained we simply could not afford their rental fees, she used the approach that I should have come to KCI first and that they could have made arrangements for my father as a charity case. Now, I’m not sure about you, but in my family, we don’t take charity, we work and earn everything we have. We may not have much, but it is ours, honestly earned. And she kept mentioning, even emphasizing that they would be happy to have us as a charity case, I found it quite insulting! During this time, she was questioning about our status with Medicaid, when I firmly told her we were not going that route, she wrapped up the conversation with a lovely “Well, if you must use something that’s half the cost, you’ll only get half the result.” I found out the next day from our nurse, the only charity they were actually offering was where we would not have to pay out of pocket but that they’d get their money from Medicaid of course, when I told them we were not doing Medicaid, that’s when they lost interest in ‘helping’ my father. I am so not impressed with the KCI company, it’s fees, and certainly not the people they choose to have represent them.

I can only hope you have been spared the unpleasantness, but I fear that is not the case. I am so very sorry for all the problems your good deed may have caused. Truthfully, it is the age of the internet and people are looking for solutions even though they may be unconventional. It is late and I may have delusions of loftiness but what I can’t help but invoke are things like the Sherman Anti trust Act and John Locke’s Second Treatise. So many people have gotten me so very mad that all I want to do is come out swinging.

All of this has made me extremely glad of my choice of The Negative Pressure Therapy Store and so much more glad that I was able to have you as my contact. Now, if I can get our nurse an inservice so that she may actually use the machine, I will truly be happy and thumbing my nose at the overbearing establishments.

I truly wish the best for you this week.

Stacie F.