Foam dressings are available at the Negative Pressure Therapy Store!

Foam dressings are usually acquired as a kit. The kit contains the necessary supplies that are usually used to prepare a wound for negative pressure wound therapy. The components of most foam kits are:
  • Hydrophobic foam
  • Transparent film dressing
  • Suction bell
  • Suction connection tubing

Most foam kits are available in different sizes. The difference between the sizes is in the dimension of the foam and the transparent film dressing.

The basics of the kit can be supplemented with additional components to address specific needs. For instance if the wound size is bigger than the size of the foam provided in a kit, the foam from another kit can be used, or individual foam pieces can be purchased. In this instance, larger transparent film dressing may also be needed.

The foam dimension that should be used needs to be larger than the wound. The foam can be cut with scissors to the size of the wound. Even the thickness of the foam can be trimmed with scissors if needed so the top of the dressing aligns with the plane of the healthy skin.

Also, white foam (which is hydrophilic) may be used when there is tunneling of the wound bed. The white foam can be used within the tunnel. It can also be used as a layer under the hydrophobic foam which is helpful in some situations.

Another product which can be helpful is a silver impregnated perforated dressing. This can be cut to the size of the wound bed and laid in contact with the wound under the foam dressing. The silver functions as a bacteriostat.

Sometimes there is more than one wound. In order to utilize one wound vac for multiple wounds, “Y”s can be used to connect the multiple dressings to one wound vac. If the wounds are close together, another method is to bridge between the two wounds. In this method, the skin between the two wounds is protected by a transparent film, then a piece of foam is used to provide a suction connection between the two wound dressings, which is then covered by transparent film.

There are times when the typical transparent film dressing will not provide a seal. We have found that 3M Tegaderm will usually correct this problem. If this doesn’t work, give us a call as we have found some other tricks that can work in these very difficult situations.

The Negative Pressure Therapy Store provides all of the above mentioned products. Click here to purchase your wound vac supplies online.

The manufacturers of foam dressing kits claim the following advantages and features of foam dressings:

  • Less tissue ingrowth into foam dressing
  • Less tissue loss upon removal of foam
  • Less pain during therapy and upon dressing change
  • Better patient compliance driving better outcomes
  • Designed for ease of application and removal
  • Less anxiety for clinician and patient

Since KCI (manufacturers of the V.A.C. system) lost their patent claim lawsuit with Smith & Nephew (which bought out Blue Sky Medical) on open cell foam, many competitor’s began to offer foam dressings.

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