The Devon dressing is another dressing we put in the category of “bandaid” dressings. It works very similar to the Kalypto dressing, except the gel seal must be applied separately. Also, the bandage is not designed to hold as much exudate as the Kalypto because the Devon dressing is designed to be used in conjunction with a canister. It is not necessary with this dressing to fill the wound bed with foam or gauze, so application is much easier. Also you do not have to trim the dressing to the size of the wound.

Because it is so different, some have not readily accepted this as a “real” negative pressure wound therapy dressing. However, the reports we have from those who have tried this dressing, is that they really like it. The Devon dressing kit is especially helpful when a wound care nurse is not available. We have become comfortable recommending this dressing unless the wound is very deep, complex, or with heavy exudates or tunneling.

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