The medical field always has openings for nursing assistants. This position is available to trained and untrained individuals. People who have successfully completed a nursing assistant course can take an exam to receive a certificate. When they poses a valid certificate they are referred to as CNAs or certified nursing assistants. CNAs will generally start with a higher hourly wage than uncertified NAs. Those individuals interested in getting into this field can be hired by certain companies and trained on the job. Nursing homes often hire untrained people and train them in the methods and procedures they use.

Becoming a nurses aide allows people to serve others in a rewarding capacity. The duties they perform allow the doctors and nurses to focus on the medical aspects of treating patients. These duties include taking vital signs, which are the blood pressure, pulse and heart rate. A nurses aide also assists patients with personal hygiene, which includes showers, baths and sponge baths. They also apply lotion to dry skin areas and change bandages. Patients who need assistance in getting around will also receive help from the nursing assistants in walking or being wheeled in a wheel chair.

In addition to nursing homes, these aides are also employed in hospitals and in government facilities. People who have certification will have more opportunities available than those who do not. A individual who has worked as an assistant for a while can take the exam without needing to complete a course. The certificate needs to be renewed on a yearly basis in order to keep it current. A CNA’s salary averages to be about twenty-six thousand dollars a year. Some institutions and medical facilities will offer grants for continuing education to those CNAs who want to advance in the field of nursing. The grants are offered with the stipulation that the individual will continue to work for the facility after completing the advanced course.

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