The idea of being a registered nurse sounds alright however the idea of being a registered nurse working in the school clinic or infirmary may either make you smile or it may dampen your emotions a bit. Mentioning the idea of being a registered nurse working in the infirmary or clinic of a high school may sound even more daunting or exciting. It depends on how you take it, do you see yourself enjoying making sick kids who are misunderstood at their age feel better when they are not feeling well or have a problem or do you see it as being stuck in a room all day with teenagers who whine too much and only think that no one understands the way they feel. Hormonal and trying to find a way out of their classes right?
Being a high school nurse can be a difficult task no matter what kind of attitude you bring with you to work. Sometimes you can be left feeling like there is nothing that you can do and you can be left feeling hopeless because there are some problems that you cannot help people with. Also your small office or infirmary can become packed with even no place for people to even sit down especially around flu season. Other problems like school illnesses can get passed around and you will end up having to take care of just about everyone. Being a school nurse requires becoming an RN and being able to work as school staff. This can require a lot of effort and patience but nurses heal and the job can be very rewarding in the end. There is just a lot of patience needed an a lot of understanding for high school aged kids and adolescent who are going to need more patience and understanding than adults would because they are halfway over the fence between adult and child.

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