There are many jobs in the health field or medical science however there is one job that really stands out and is one of the most important jobs in health care. This job is the occupation of being a medical examiner. Medical examiners will work with the deceased and will perform work and testing on dead bodies to see how they died and when they died. They will also be doing any morgue processing that may be necessary before they sign the deceased off to a funeral home or to a mortuary.
Medical examiners are vital to solving homicide cases and can often be expert witnesses in court to help tell the story of how a person was murdered, provide a potential motive, and a time of death. Being a medical examiner is no easy task before you get there and while you are there. Getting to be a medical examiner even has a higher level of training than just being an average doctor. There are necessary courses to be taken and much training to complete after graduating as a medical doctor to actually make it to being a medical examiner.

Being a medical examiner can also be a stressful or distressing job to whoever is working with it. Dealing with dead bodies can take a toll on someone emotionally and mentally. Also, sometimes medical examiners are confronted with diseases, dismembered bodies, bodies that have already begun the process of decomposition, heavy lifting and many kinds of smells. Bodily fluids that may leak or drain from the deceased can also prove as a biological hazard for the medical examiner in charge of the body. This job requires working long hours in a morgue and sometimes being able to go out into the field to examine what is in most cases a homicide or public accident before any of the evidence around the body is changed or altered and to see possibly which ways the body was affected.

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