A pediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in helping patients from the age of birth to age 21 but mainly focuses their career on the health care of children and adolescents. The pediatric field is loaded with fields of its own. Any field or specialty that can be covered by a normal medical doctor can also be covered in pediatrics such as pediatric oncology, pediatric gynecology, pediatric ophthalmology or pediatric dentistry.

This is because human beings who are not fully developed have different bodies than those of adult patients and different processes take place which calls for new areas of expertise and experience for the ultimate goal of satisfying the patient and treating disease to help aid in patients living long and happy lives. Pediatricians also help to make sure that their patients are able to grow and develop properly into adults and to help their patients create healthy lifestyles. Being a pediatrician is not just about treating but it is about also teaching parents and guardians how to provide healthy lifestyles for their children.

A pediatrician also has the responsibility at paying close attention for special signs of abuse or neglect to their patients and to make sure that no behavioral or psychological/psychiatric problems go on unnoticed. Becoming a pediatrician requires going to medical school and becoming a doctor first and then to train to become a pediatrician and then to officially take the exam to become a licensed pediatrician. Becoming a pediatrician takes many years to complete and the job can be stressful sometimes physically and emotionally.

It is hard to see a child suffering or in pain and it takes a new level of understanding to figure out the problems considering children cannot verbalize themselves as adults can. Coming across a child who is being abused or neglected can be stressful as well. Children are the future and need doctors for them as well.

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