The Talley Venturi Avanti has full size vacuum pump power in a size that still allows for portability. It comes with a shoulder strap carrying case. It uses a 600 cc canister which includes an internal solidifier. This large size canister makes the Avanti particularly suitable when there is heavy exudate. The unit weighs 2.2 kg, and has both continuous and intermittent therapy modes while operating by either battery or plugged into an electrical outlet. The vacuum can be adjusted from -10 to -120 mm Hg. After a short interval of operation, the unit auto-locks to prevent inadvertent changes in setting. It has a full complement of alarms to inform the operator of adverse conditions: full or no canister, dressing leak, low pressure, blocked or kinked tube, and low battery. The vacuum pump is equipped with both hydrophobic and carbon bacterial filters to prevent exudate from contaminating the internal circuitry and to prevent odors. An available option is a bed holder to secure the unit to the footboard of a bed. The manufacturers warranty is for two years.

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