Medela Vario 18 Wound Vacuum

The Medela Vario 18 constant/intermittent AC/DC Wound Vacuum provides the following options:

  • AC/DC or battery power to offer mobility without the loss of suction.
  • Three intermittent suction cycles (in seconds): 8 on/4 off; 16 on/8 off; 32 on/16 off.
  • Rapid vacuum build-up with Medela QuatroFlex-Technology.
  • Accurate vacuum settings provided by the membrane vacuum regulator.
  • Locking dial for patient safety.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum flow: 18 l/min
  • Maximum vacuum: 0 to -55 kPa (0 to -412 mm Hg)
  • Charging time: ~ 5 hours (battery charges when unit is plugged in)
  • 12v automobile connection port

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